The 2013 Right Wing News Conservative Website Awards (12th Annual)

Right Wing News is pleased to release the results of the 12th Annual Conservative Website Awards. More than 225 blogs were invited to participate and the following 45 blogs voted for the winners.

Finding Mr. Righteous, Moonbattery, TPNN, Don Surber, Liz Mair, MY LITTLE REEF, Left Coast Rebel, Legal Insurrection, The Foundry, The Missouri Torch, Betsy’s Page, I’m a Man! I’m 41, America Resists, Brian Garst, The Looking Spoon, Katy’s Conservative Corner, Election Projection, Laughing Conservative, Consider This!, Dr. Helen, Nice Deb, Comically Incorrect, Sunshine State Sarah, Pirate’s Cove, Argghhhh!, Pubilus Forum, Tania Gail, Their Finest Hour, JHPolitics, Five Feet of Fury, Rosie on the Right, House of Eratosthenes, Doug Ross, Victory Girls, Right Wing News, Right Wing News, YidwithLid, Alexa Shrugged, Vox Popoli, Weapons of Mass Discussion, Dodgeblogium, Gateway Pundit, IMAO

The top 3 vote-getters in each category will be listed below while the other nominees in each category will be listed in alphabetical order. Additionally, my websites Right Wing News, Linkiest and The Looking Spoon (Where I’m a co-owner) were all ineligible.

1) Which of the following do you consider to be the best blog?

The Corner
Michelle Malkin
3) Legal Insurrection (Tie)
3) Instapundit (Tie)
2) Ace of Spades HQ
1) Hot Air

2) Whom do you consider to be the best columnist?

Jonah Goldberg
Michelle Malkin
Kurt Schlichter Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams
3) Ann Coulter
2) Mark Steyn
1) Charles Krauthammer

3) What’s the best website for commentary?

American Spectator
Weekly Standard
3) American Thinker (Tie)
3) PJ Media (Tie)
2) Townhall
1) National Review

4) Which of these do you think is the best Conservative news aggregator?

Bizpac Review
Mr. Conservative
Pat Dollard
The Right Scoop
3) Weasel Zippers (Tie)
3) The Blaze (Tie)
2) Gateway Pundit
1) The Drudge Report

5) Which of these do you you think is the best Conservative news website?

CNS News
The Washington Examiner
The Washington Times
3) Daily Caller
2) Washington Free Beacon
1) Breitbart

6) Who do you think is the best talk radio host?

Jerry Doyle
Mike Gallagher
Laura Ingraham
Michael Medved
Michael Savage
3) Hugh Hewitt
2) Mark Levin
1) Rush Limbaugh

7) Who’s the best conservative TV personality?

Glenn Beck
Neil Cavuto
Sean Hannity
Bill O’Reilly
Andrea Tantaros
3) Dana Loesch
2) Greg Gutfeld
1) Megyn Kelly

8) Who’s the best video blogger?

Kira Davis
Alonzo Rachel
Ben Swann
ET Williams
2) Lee Doren (Tie)
2) Newsbusted (Tie)
1) Julie Borowski

9) Which of the following is the best of the rest?

Free Republic
3) Project Veritas (James O’Keefe)
2) LifeSiteNews
1) The Other McCain

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