The Top 25 Most Entertaining Sites On The Net

Banged Up:: This page is full of hilarious and raunchy pictures. While this isn’t a porn site, it’s not safe for work.

BBspot:: This is one of the net’s better humor sites. They’re best known for their top 11 lists.

Bruno the Bandit:: Man I love this comic. This may be my favorite net comic but it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves for some reason. The lead character is a combination of Bruce Campbell’s character from “Army of Darkness” and Westley from “Princess Bride”.

Darwin Awards:: Stupid people dying in ridiculous ways. This site spawned a top 5 selling book. Need I say more?

Ernie’s House of Whoopass:: Ernie mixes in rabid Pro-American commentary with lots of funny pics and a few nudes. This is fast becoming one of my favorite sites since the 11th. It is however, not safe for work.

Fark:: This is possibly the most influential site on the net today. A link of Fark typically means 3k-5k hits for the page that gets linked and unlike most other sites, Fark links articles and from all over the spectrum. Everything from politics, to humor, to weird news, to just about anything else you can think of.

F*cked Company:: This huge site is a game/news source about web pages going out of business.

Hacker Network:: This site is best known for their incredibly cool movie hacks. Check ’em out, you’ll think they’re hilarious.

Herd of Sheep:: This may be the best humor site you’ve never heard of.

How Stuff Works:: Although education and entertainment usually don’t go that well together, How Stuff Works is the exception. This site is fascinating and it has hundreds of fairly in depth articles about things you’ve always wondered about.

Little Gamers:: This is pretty funny little cartoon that’s sort of reminiscent of South Park.

Metafilter:: This is another nifty, little, offbeat news site.

National Lampoon:: The National Lampoon is known for savage, politically incorrect, humor. This page is very funny but keep in mind that they could not care less if you’re offended.

Newgrounds:: If you are looking for funny flash videos this is the only URL you’ll ever need.

The Onion:: The Onion is considered by many people to be the top humor site on the net. Without a doubt I’d say they are the most influential humor site on the net.

Penny Arcade:: Most of the people I know on the net consider this to be the best net comic out there.

Pokey the Penguin:: This net comic comes right out of the Jeff K school of humor. Never has any site better fit the definition of “So stupid it’s funny.”

PVP Online:: 30k+ readers per day can’t be wrong can they? Check out PVP Online and see.

Rotten:: This is the site your mother warned you about. It’s gruesome, gory, and disgusting. It covers everything from autopsy photos to the deformed. Needless to say, this is not safe for work.

Satirewire:: An up and coming humor site that’s been gaining notoriety over the last few months. These guys are very funny.

The Satyr:: Much like Herd of Sheep, this is a really funny site that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

Sluggy Freelance:: At one time I read about a year and a 1/2 worth of Sluggy Freelance strips in about 2 days. This is a terrific comic.

Snopes:: This is a fascinating page that deals with Urban Legends and rumors. These guys have gotten a lot of press since the 11th for shooting down some of the rumors that have been floating around.

Something Awful:: SA is EASILY the best humor site on the net in my opinion. They’re updated 5 days a week and features like Cliff Yablonski Hates You, Ask Jeff K, and their ICQ Pranks, puts them way out in front of all their competition.

User Friendly:: Many people consider this site to be Penny Arcade’s stiffest competition for the best online comic.

Do you want to read some of the best humor on the net? Then bookmark our main page because we’re updated 5 days a week. Think I’m just talking smack? Then read how we make fun of: Osama Bin Laden, take a look at our: fan mail, our: advice columns, or even our: interview with Ernie: from Ernie’s House of Whoopass.

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