VIDEO: An Exposition Of The Physical Courage Of NFL Punters

VIDEO: An Exposition Of The Physical Courage Of NFL Punters

Perhaps not all NFL punters, but the Rams’ Johnny Hekker managed to show, in a recent game against Seattle, that kicking specialists in The League aren’t generally on the same plane as other players from the standpoint of love for physical contact.

hekker hits avril

For the uninitiated, kickers and punters very seldom hit anybody, and it’s almost universally regarded as a bad idea for them to do so. They’re usually a bit smaller than the “position players” on the field, they don’t hit in practice and their positions don’t generally carry backups on an NFL roster. If a punter, for example, gets hurt during a game it usually means a backup quarterback or the team’s placekicker gets pressed into duty as a replacement.

So unless a punt returner breaks a run past the coverage team and the punter is forced to make a tackle as the last line of defense, hitting somebody just isn’t done.

That said, why is Hekker hitting Cliff Avril in this clip? The result isn’t a major surprise…


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