Bummer: “Climate Change” Is Aiding Al Qaeda

This isn’t exactly a brand spanking new meme, Warmists have Blamed “climate change” for years for terrorism, even though the rise of Islamic terrorism received a big boost during the years when scientists and media types were concerned about a coming ice age. But it does show he utter derangement of Warmists

(Daily Caller) Has global warming helped al-Qaida’s recruiting? At least one expert says that Islamic fundamentalist groups feed upon people’s frustrations and fears in a warmer climate to turn them against the West.

The GlobalPost asked climate experts how rising global temperatures would affect Africa’s Sahel region, which includes countries like Sudan and Chad, where conflicts have been raging for years.

“[C]limate change makes people feel small and helpless, and Islamic fundamentalists have been very good at turning helplessness and despair into anger and action,” Drew Sloan of energy efficiency company Opower told the GlobalPost. “If you give someone who feels small a gun, they stop feeling small.”

Let’s be clear, don’t blame The Daily Caller, they’re simply covering the Global Post article, which notes when asking three “experts”

Their short answer? It’s complicated, but climate change is making things harder for those who live in a politically unstable and economically challenged region.

Weather is always going to be pesky, whether it is getting warmer, getting cooler, or simply being “statistically insignificant”, known as a 17 year pause in warming. During the cool periods, such as the Little Ice Age and Dark Ages, conflict was higher then during the warm periods. But it still existed during the warm periods, such as the Roman expansion during the Roman Warm Period.

Two of the three “experts” said to be really cautious about creating links

Busby, a climate change expert, is also cautious about “causal paths” linking climate change and conflict. “The science is just not there yet,” he says.


But those who live in the region see a direct – and very personal – link, as this GlobalPost video from Gao, Mali, illustrates:

So, ask the experts but do not listen.

“The climate situation is almost surely getting worse,” says Burke. “We know that temperatures are going up, and that soon they will be on average much warmer than anything the region has experienced and this is likely to increase the incidence of conflict.”

Except, the world is still in pause, and was much warmer during previous warm periods. Of course, the “experts” solutions are to build barely working “alternative” energy, like wind and solar. Nothing like providing poor people with really expensive energy they can’t afford. And give them money (redistribution).

The Daily Caller article notes that many other things, like poverty and government oppression rank much higher. And the fact that Islamists of all stripes are nuts who take advantage of people. Many of the 9/11 hijackers were well educated. But, Warmists just can’t help themselves with the blame game.

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