Muslims Were Praying… Then Allah Gave Them a NASTY Surprise

Muslims Were Praying… Then Allah Gave Them a NASTY Surprise

This is simply stunning. Muslims gather to pray in a mosque in Iraq. There’s nothing new about that, but in this video we get to see priorities in play. A man in line with other Muslims and praying keels over and dies mid-prayer. The man next to him, looks down at him and then continues to pray as do all the other Muslims there. A man comes out and pulls the now deceased Muslim out of the way and just stands around looking at him. There is no checking to make sure he is gone or any attempt at resuscitating him. When everyone is done praying, they then gather around the man, but by then it is far too late. Very telling.


From Mad World News:

Quite the incredible video is spreading around social media after an eerie incident took place inside of an Islamic mosque. As Muslims were taking part in yet another prayer session, God decided to step in and show them who’s boss.

The incident reportedly took place in Erbil, Iraq, when Muslims came together for their frequent, scheduled, and mandated prayer with Allah. Unfortunately for them, it seems that the one true God wanted to stop by just to let everyone know that He is still watching.

All caught on video, the clip depicts members taking part in their Islamic ritual before someone keels over and dies. With arrows helping point out the man who is about to bite the bullet, it isn’t long before he slumps over as his life exits his body.

In the end, they carted him off to a truck and left with the body. I’m sure they didn’t want it defiling the mosque. You would never ever see this happen in a Christian or Jewish place of worship. Everyone would have stopped whatever they were doing and would have run to this man’s aid. But not Islamists. Just mind blowing. Only one person even noticed and he didn’t do a thing. The rest didn’t even flinch. They went ahead with their prayers. That’s massively messed up. How can you have so little regard for life and those around you that you must finish bowing before your god before you help another? I just can’t believe people act this way.



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