Watch What Happens When ISIS Tries to Launch a Cannon — It’s Awesome

Watch What Happens When ISIS Tries to Launch a Cannon — It’s Awesome

Terrorists aren’t often accused of being particularly bright. And that dimness is on full display as a group of ISIS jihadis attempt to launch a cannon, with hilarious results.


Every time an ISIS launches a rocket, RPG or canon fire, or a Palestinian throws a rock at the Jews, they pray out loud from the Quran “Wama Ramayta Inama-Allaha Rama”.

English: “And you launched not when you launched but it was Allah who launched” (Quran 8:17)

In other words, Allah is the one who aims, launches and hits the target and not the Jihadi.

This can be seen in almost every video where ISIS launches an attack. But in so many cases as we view these videos, it seems Allah aimed, launched and hit his arrow at ISIS instead.

If only they had been standing a little bit closer to the cannon — that would have made this video a true goldmine. What’s sad is that it’s a reminder of how handily we could defeat these fools if we only had an intelligent and decisive leader.

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