ALERT: This Gas Station Scam Is Taking the Nation By Storm

ALERT: This Gas Station Scam Is Taking the Nation By Storm

There is a new type of criminal out there- from the branch of thieves. They are slick, quick, and very hard to catch when they are good. They are creating a name for themselves and they are being called ‘Sliders’.

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Sliders are being caught on camera all across the country, and many people are being affected by the new crime burst. Read on to learn how these criminals attack, and how to prevent yourself from being robbed.

Sliders always attack at gas stations, typically when their victim is pumping gas for the vehicle.

When a person pulls up to the pump, two scenarios typically happen, either they start pumping gas, or they go to the mini mart to buy an item. When a woman arrives, the sliders get ready, and once they leave the seat of their car, they snag whatever they can from inside.

Most of the time, the victim does not even know she is being robbed, and the slider is in and out before they can even tell (hence the name “slider”).

There have also been many cases of a woman seeing the slider pull their stunt, and the woman may start chasing after the vehicle, however they are never able to get their belongings back because the slider is already driving away by the time they notice.

The best way to protect yourself from these types of crimes is to alwyas lock your vehicle if you leave it, even if it is just for a quick stop at the mini mart.

In addition, keeping your valuables with you as well as locking them or hiding them in your vehicle will decrease the chances of you being robbed.

Good grief…as soon as we find a way to protect ourselves, criminals find a work around. Sliders? More like scumbags.

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