BOMBSHELL: Obama Continues Keeping Hamas Terrorists ARMED

In yet another example of doublespeak from the Obama administration, it is coming  out that the U.S. government has been pressuring Israel to agree to let Hamas keep its arms during cease-fires. This is unbelievable, considering the whole purpose of a cease-fire is to disarm.




The Conservative Tribune reports,

The Obama administration did play a role in this latest cease fire process, though not necessarily on the side of Israel.  According to WZ, via the Jerusalem Post, an American contingent in the talks pressured Israel to drop it’s demand that Hamas disarm as part of the cease fire agreement. “In cease-fire discussions, Israel was forced to give up on its demand that Hamas decommission its weapons, and this was due to American pressure,” Shaath told Ma’an. This should come as little surprise to anyone.  In previous cease fire negotiations, President Obama, and his team, have pressured the Israelis to give in to Hamas demands.

Why even have a cease-fire? It sounds like the U.S. is attempting to just disarm Israel. And if Israel is disarmed, Hamas will destroy it.

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Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander

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