BOOM! Texas Hostage Taker Gets Himself Killed For Messing With The Wrong Cop

BOOM! Texas Hostage Taker Gets Himself Killed For Messing With The Wrong Cop

It’s always refreshing when law enforcement officers are able to do their jobs without having their hands tied behind their backs.

In Irving, Texas, this hostage-taker criminal was messing with the wrong cop and ended up taking a shot to the head.

irving texas

Officers responded around 1 p.m. to an armed robbery in-progress at the Cash Store near SH-183 and Esters Road. An employee inside the store had triggered the alarm, said Irving police spokesman James McLellan.

When police arrived, the robbery suspect took a female employee hostage and walked outside with her. He told the officers that he would hurt the employee if they approached him, McLellan said.

The suspect, who has not been identified, threatened to put the woman inside a vehicle. Police did not say whose vehicle it was. The officers then shot the man, who was armed with a handgun.

The two officers will be placed on routine administrative leave. McLellan called them “heroes.”

“The two officers were here quickly, within minutes and were able to engage the suspect,” he said. “They couldn’t let him leave with the hostage … By all appearances this was the last resort for them.”

The female hostage was unharmed.

This is why police officers need AR-15 rifles. It has nothing to do with the cops “militarizing.” This is about having the right tools to deal with the situation.

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