Boyfriend kills girlfriend’s three kids, sends photos of their bodies to biological father as a ‘birthday gift’ before committing suicide

Boyfriend kills girlfriend’s three kids, sends photos of their bodies to biological father as a ‘birthday gift’ before committing suicide

LaTasha Gosling with her three children.

LaTasha Gosling with her three children.

Steve O’Shaughnessy, age 23, was afraid that his girlfriend was going to return to the biological father of her three children, so he made sure it wouldn’t happen. In a diabolical, sick move, he murdered LaTasha Gosling, 27, of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, and her three children, Janyaa, 4, Jenika, 8, and Landen, 7. He took photos of their bodies and then sent them in a text message to the children’s father, Jason Gosling, as some kind of twisted birthday gift. He then killed himself, and police found his body later next his biological daughter with LaTasha, whose life was spared.

According to The Daily Mail,

Latasha Gosling was separated from her husband but not divorced, and Jason Gosling would often visit his three children at the trailer Latasha shared with O’Shaughnessy.

According to Latasha’s parents, O’Shaughnessy became increasingly worried that his partner would leave him and return to her husband.

They said O’Shaughnessy had been seen yelling at Latasha and her children and was known to lock them inside the trailer when he had to leave the house.

Latasha’s parents told the National Post that they have since learned O’Shaughnessy recently told her, ‘If I can’t have you, Latasha, no one will’.

Randy Gross, Latasha’s father, believes his daughter had tried to leave O’Shaughnessy.

Neighbors said they heard yelling and screaming from the partners’ trailer earlier this week and saw police arrive late at night.

One friend of Latasha’s said the young mother had in fact ended her relationship with O’Shaughnessy this week.

Amanda Henderson, who met Latasha through a Facebook group for separated and divorced parents, told Huffington Post Canada her friend broke up with O’Shaughnessy because he cheated on her.

Latasha’s family referred to O’Shaughnessy as a ‘monster’ but said they are praying for his family.

Selina Siwy, O’Shaughnessy’s sister, wrote in a social media post that the family has been trying to get him ‘help for years’ and they thought ‘he was in the clear’.

‘We loved him then and we love him now,’ she wrote.

Latasha’s family hope the tragic story will inspire other women to not ‘hestitate’.

‘For all victims…get help fast. Stay safe,’ said Randy Gross.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help defray the costs of the funerals and to take care of the surviving infant. Fortunately, over $58,000 has been raised, exceeding the $50,000 goal. No doubt this disturbed young man was a product of his upbringing – the public school system with its moral relativity, perhaps a broken home or abusive parent. Somewhere along the road of life, he took a wrong turn and never got back on track. Until society turns away from the moral relativist attitude of teaching that everything is acceptable, we can expect more of this to occur.

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander

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