BREAKING: This Evidence Could Put Hillary in JAIL

Hillary Clinton is destroying Bernie Sanders in the campaign for the Democratic nomination, despite her crooked PAST. This latest email dump revealed by Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent might just finish her off!

clinton blackberry.

In the interview, Herridge addressed the one e-mail that was withheld from Monday’s release at the request of an unidentified law enforcement agency, telling Van Susteren that according to a tip she received several months ago it is possible that the e-mail might have been withheld investigators because it shows ‘intent’ to disseminate classified information outside of the proper secure channels.
“I think it is striking that one email is being withheld at the request of law enforcement,” Herridge said, “because you know that would be a very important piece to the FBI investigation understanding the intent and whether the individuals knew or believed at the time that the information they were sending was classified.”

Naughty Hillary is caught again and it’s not looking so good. Do you think this new evidence has the juice to take down the Clinton empire?

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