As Brussels Burns, Obama Is Doing THIS

Obama has addressed the people of Cuba for the first time in years saying he had to option but to go to Cuba. Laying it on real this when he said had to come and “to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.”


Speaking both to his critics in the United States as well as citizens here, Obama acknowledged that when it comes to the thaw in relations between the two former enemies, many are asking, “Why now?”

“There is one simple answer: What the United States was doing was not working. . . . We have to have the courage to acknowledge that truth,” he said. “We should not fear change, we should embrace it.”

The theater, a relatively intimate siting with ringed balconies framed by gold filigree, was crammed with members of Congress as well as influential Cubans. With Castro by his side, shortly before delivering his remarks, Obama greeted elderly Alicia Alonso, Cuba’s most famous ballerina, for whom the Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso is named after.

At times the audience was a study in contrasts. Even as Obama paid homage to Cuban icon José Marti, saying he had declared, “liberty if the right of every man to be honest.”

“I believe citizens should be free to speak without fear,” the president said, as the Americans clapped and the Cubans sat in stony silence.

And the president drew a few laughs from both sides when he noted that American democracy was so vibrant that this year’s presidential race featured two Cuban Americans on the Republican side who criticized a president who was “a black man” and the eventual winner of the GOP primary will face a general election opponent “who will either be a woman or a Democratic socialist.”

Awkward… 2 points for effort Obama.?

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