This Cabinet Looks Normal… But What Happens When He Turns the Key? WHOA!

This Cabinet Looks Normal… But What Happens When He Turns the Key? WHOA!

The saying “They don’t make it like they used to.” Is a very relevant today, when it’s undoubtedly noticeable all around us, with the decline in things like appliances, cars, and other technologies including the furniture in our homes…

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As more people buy “disposable” furniture from places like IKEA, people forget the importance of quality. If so, then allow let this article reinvigorate your hope.

Not only is this cabinet a work of art to look at, its design is also spectacular. The piece includes numerous secret compartments, drawers, and hidden decorations fit for a king.

This piece in particular has been considered one of the most impressive hallmarks of European furniture making. When you see it in action (video below), you will easily see why.

A piece like this requires the best talent to create. Plus, with so many moving parts and pieces, the cabinet requires delicate care to maintain it over the centuries.

Currently, the cabinet resides in Staatliche Museen in Berlin. Could you imagine trying to find something you stowed away in this piece of furniture? You might spend your entire life trying to recall which secret drawer you stashed your keys in.

Wow…yea, I haven’t seen furniture with this much mystery- ever.

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