Classmates defend cheerleader with Down syndrome against bullies

Classmates defend cheerleader with Down syndrome against bullies

Kids can be cruel, but other kids can be the kind who will stand up for their fellow classmates.  Spectators at a basketball game were making fun of a cheerleader with down syndrome.  That’s when three of the players walked off the court to confront the bullies.


“When I heard they were talking about her, it kind of, like, made me mad,” Miles Rodriguez told NBC affiliate TMJ4. “A couple of us went over there and were like, can you guys just stop? That’s not right.”

That experience last year changed the lives of Desiree and her classmates at the Kenosha, Wisconsin, middle school she attends.

Team members now actively look out for her off the court and on, where she was always introduced as part of the starting lineup, getting high fives and fist bumps from players passing by.

Desiree’s father admits to being more upset at the incident than she is.  She’s more happy that she on TV now, and says she still loves her bullies even if they don’t like her.

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