Dogs Struggle to Steal a Bone While Puppet Puppy Outsmarts Them. [WATCH VIDEO]

Dogs Struggle to Steal a Bone While Puppet Puppy Outsmarts Them. [WATCH VIDEO]

Confused dogs are too funny. Pranking them is even more hilarious! As seen on The Blaze

pranking dogs

In a video posted to YouTube Saturday, the Canadian comedy group “Just for Laughs Gags” took aim at man’s best friend with an ingeniously simple prank involving a puppet and a tantalizing bone.
“We got tired of pranking plain-old humans, so we’re going after canines!” the video description explains. “They have much better reactions than their owners anyway.”
Some dogs absolutely lose their minds when the puppet “barks” at them, while a few of the steady-nerved canines manage to sink their teeth into the puppet’s guarded bone.


I could watch funny dog antics over and over.

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