Have you ever heard Senator Ben Sasse? Exactly. 99% of America hasn’t either: He warns He May Leave Republican Party Over Donald Trump

I think you would have to put Ben Sasse on a milk cartons to get people to find him. Other than that, if he would leave the GOP like he warns, his absence wouldn’t make a ripple in the stream of life.

NY Times reports Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, continued to warn on Tuesday of the dire consequences his party faces if it nominates Donald J. Trump and vowed never to vote for him for president.

A vocal opponent of Mr. Trump for months, the freshman senator said that he would find a new political party if the New York businessman becomes the standard-bearer for Republicans.

“I want to celebrate what’s great about America in the Republican Party, but if the Republican Party becomes the party of David Duke, Donald Trump, I’m out,” Mr. Sasse said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program on Tuesday.

Mr. Sasse’s public resistance to Mr. Trump could give other Republicans in Congress cover to distance themselves from him if he wins the nomination. He said that a leadership vacuum in the party left it open to a hostile takeover.

“Let’s first recognize that the Republican Party is just a tool, as all political parties are,” Mr. Sasse said, lamenting that Mr. Trump has expressed admiration for dictators in Russia, China and North Korea. “And I signed up for the party of Abraham Lincoln, not the party of David Duke, Donald Trump.”

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Ben!

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