Fans Shocked After Anna Duggar Does THIS

Fans Shocked After Anna Duggar Does THIS

I can not imagine being the wife of a public figure, and have his dark secrets exposed to the world…secrets that could break any wife even in a more private setting. Yet, for the past four months Anna Duggar has had to do just that… The betrayal, the molestation of his sisters as a teen, all for her to bare in the public eye. But,the hits didn’t stop there…


Then it was his profile on adultery website Ashley Madison, along with his admission to cheating on Anna.

Now in a faith-based rehab program, Josh is away from the glare of public scrutiny, but for Anna, life is going on as a single parent. While Josh gets help, Anna struggles to come to terms with the situation and decide what to do about the future with or without her husband.

Josh was my first love, my one and only, but I knew that my only hope was to cling to my faith, because I knew if I went off of what I was feeling, I would turn a mess into a disaster.

In the stun and shock of everything, I was just praying, ‘God, help me to respond to all of this.’

I didn’t know what to do. I knew we needed help, and I was just praying God would give the wisdom and the help that we needed to take the next step.”
She also revealed her decision about their future together:

“I respect other people’s views but I vowed with God first then to Joshua till death do us part.”

I guess… good luck?

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