Florida Crowd Helps Handcuffed Perp Escape Police Custody – MOB JUSTICE

Florida Crowd Helps Handcuffed Perp Escape Police Custody – MOB JUSTICE

What the hell. These people have lost their minds in Daytona Beach:

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From the article:

In a sign of post-Ferguson, Missouri mob rule, a man arrested by Daytona Beach, Florida police escaped from custody early Sunday morning after a mob gathered around the officers’ patrol car. WKMG-TV reported Dontavius Williams was arrested after being found to have a warrant out for aggravated assault with a firearm.

Williams reportedly ran off while handcuffed.

“It was more than disgusting to read this article. So, I’m writing this as I am beyond furious.

“I guess this is going to be the new standard in areas where people do not want criminals in their neighborhood arrested. They now want the right to protect the guilty. The Ferguson riot has taught them that they can take control of any situation and basically thumb their nose at cops.

“In my eyes, what I saw in the Ferguson protest / rioting was that police had to bow down to the Ferguson demonstrators/rioters. High law enforcement officials begged for forgiveness for officers doing their job. And the rioters were allowed to threaten, burn, loot and basically destroy businesses all in the name of who knows what.

“Their misguided hatred of law enforcement is putting officers at risk and no one seems to care, except some of us bloggers.”


What? Who seriously lets a freaking CRIMINAL free from the back of a patrol car? Do you want to be robbed or live in a semi apocalyptic world where martial law rules supreme? The disservice is really to the community – how are the citizens expecting police to protect them if they are setting criminals free? The officers deserve better than the citizens of Florida are doing to them. They deserve anything that happens to them.

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