Heartbreaking moment husky cries like Chewbacca in attempt to stop its owner from leaving

Heartbreaking moment husky cries like Chewbacca in attempt to stop its owner from leaving

HuskySome pets are smarter than others, and learn to recognize signs their owner is about to leave the house. This smart Husky has figured out when his owner puts his shoes on, he’s going to leave, and it makes him very upset.

The Daily Mail reports,

The whimpering dog – named Cyrus – howls at the camera as he circles the room in distress in America.

The dog then walks over to his owner and looks straight in his eyes in an attempt to stop him from leaving.

So hurt by his actions, the pet appears to be telling him off during the heartbreaking video.

He even comes up with the ingenious idea of sitting close to his owner’s feet – but unfortunately loses his battle.

A woman can be heard talking to the dog, and it sounds like he is attempting to have a pleading conversation with her. Fortunately, there is another dog present, so the poor little guy will have some company after his owner leaves.

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Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander

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