Hillary Cooked her One Goose: Smoking Gun Email Shows Hillary Instructed Adviser To Strip Markings From Sensitive Talking Points

Hillary Cooked her One Goose: Smoking Gun Email Shows Hillary Instructed Adviser To Strip Markings From Sensitive Talking Points

hillaryIf this isn’t breaking Federal Laws that results in Hillary Clinton being charged with a crime, then the United States has officially become a banana republic where the powerful can get away with anything they want.

Daily Caller reports on June 16, 2011, Hillary Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, was having trouble sending his boss a list of talking points that contained sensitive — and possibly classified — information. Sullivan told Clinton there were issues “sending secure fax,” an email released by the State Department early Friday shows.

So Clinton offered a shocking solution: remove the markings identifying the information as sensitive and send it by regular fax.

“Turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” Clinton instructed Sullivan.

Clinton has been criticized heavily for sending and receiving classified information on her personal email account, which did not have the same level of protection as the State Department’s communications systems.  

(VIDEO: Cyber Expert: Hillary’s Server Was A Huge Security Risk)

The State Department has retroactively classified information in more than 1,300 Clinton emails. And the Intelligence Community inspector general has found two emails that contained classified information that was classified at the time it was originated. But the Democratic presidential candidate has denied any wrongdoing by asserting that any classified information she did send or receive was not “marked” classified when created.

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