HORROR Two 4-Yr Olds Forced To Do The UNTHINKABLE With Each Other- Because Of Their Father

HORROR Two 4-Yr Olds Forced To Do The UNTHINKABLE With Each Other- Because Of Their Father

Americans should not be surprised when despicable acts like this occur. We’ve told everyone by our ‘tolerance’ and our laws, that no kind of ‘love’ is off limits, that there are no boundaries when it comes to expressing our desires; same gender, multiple participants, animals, objects. Are we really going to feign shock at what these four people did to 4 year olds?

Four people have been arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of two four-year-old children at multiple locations over a five-month period.

Horry County Police detectives say the two children, a boy and a girl from Tabor City, North Carolina, confessed that they had been forced to have sex with their siblings and other family members during counseling sessions with an unnamed witness.

The couple arrested as part of the case, Lindsey Honeycutt, 29, and Ambrose Heavener, 30, were charged with incest as well as sexual conduct of a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor and engaging a child for sexual performance.

Honeycutt is a dancer at the Myrtle Beach strip club Chez Joey in South Carolina, where police say some of the alleged abuse took place. Heavener is believed to be the father of the victims.

Two other men, Panteleimon N. Spirakis, 55, of Myrtle Beach, and Anthony L. Strickland, 45, of Myrtle Beach, were also arrested as part of the case, Myrtle Beach Online reported.

They are charged with criminal sexual conduct with minor in the first degree, sexual exploitation of a minor in the first degree, and engaging a child for sexual performance.

Both men are believed to be patrons of Chez Joey.

As a culture, we get what we allow. And when we both allow and even celebrate as reasonable, every kind of sexual desire that does not line up with traditional heterosexual expression, this is where we end up. Actions and beliefs have consequences and in this case those consequences are the tragic and ongoing rape of innocent children. The next time anyone tries to lecture us about how we are not to judge the way people love, show them this story. Four year olds need us to be the adults and not only judge but stop these predators. They are counting on us to stop justifying deviant sexual behaviors in the name of tolerance. By doing so, our culture slides farther and farther down the slippery slope of sexual predation. Will we stop justifying deviancy? Or will we continue to see more and more stories like this?

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