Huntress Beauty Strikes Back At LIBERALS Guns ‘A Blazing With THIS Picture…

Huntress Beauty Strikes Back At LIBERALS Guns ‘A Blazing With THIS Picture…

Huntress Kendall Jones is fed up with the “intolerant” comments that Liberals keep vomiting all over her page…so she decided, enough was enough and she wasn’t going to let them have the last word…


However, it seems that she’s grown tired of the constant attacks by so-called “tolerant” liberals and decided to put an end to it with a single photo – but it’s what’s next to her that has people going bonkers.

For those unaware, Kendall is a hunter and environmental conservation activist, boasting that hunting is needed to help care for the animal kingdom. Despite that she has single-handedly fed hundreds of families with what she’s killed over the years, the left has sought to only demonize her as an evil murderer. After becoming sick of it, she’s finally decided to tell everyone to just “back off.”


As explained in her post:

“For all the people that come to my page just to leave hateful comments, I will not back down from hunting and stop doing something I lve just because you don’t agree with it. People now days (sic) need to worry less about others and more aboout themselves.”
However, it seems that it’s her photo that has everyone talking. While simply depicts her holding a rifle, there’s something else grabbing attention. Beside her are the words of Genesis 27:3, reading, “Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.”

Of course, liberals don’t really care about Kendall’s justification, as we’ve seen in the past. Take for example the petition started to keep the huntress from traveling to Africa and even the “Kill Kendall Jones” Facebook page – that has since been taken down – and you can clearly see the maturity and morals of those who oppose her.

Kendall practices safe hunting that enhances the efforts of environmental conservation and does so in a way that falls within the confines of the law. There’s really nothing to argue about in that sense.

Those Liberals should watch a good post-apocalyptic show, where there’s an invasion of some sorts…it would do them some good to see which people die first…and which never die. I’ll give you a hint…the ones with gun, don’t.

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