Idiot Terrorists Forget to Remove Suicide Belt During Funeral… Guess What Happens Next [GRAPHIC]

Idiot Terrorists Forget to Remove Suicide Belt During Funeral… Guess What Happens Next [GRAPHIC]

A would be suicide bomber, gets knocked off himself before his mission is complete. Karma? I think so. However, as his people carry his body through the streets, in what appears to be a funeral for him– THIS HAPPENS!

Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 7.54.42 AM

Looks like some one forgot to remove the suicide belt from the dead.

Footage has emerged out of what appears to be Iraq, at a funeral, where a suicide bomber has hit with devastating results.

Not much to say to that other than- WOW. Karma struck not once, but TWICE, and it was ugly. Here are some comments that the video itself has recieved from viewers, I’ll try my best to pick out the cleanest ones for you…it’s going to be tough.

They were headed to a cemetery anyways…
Posted Jul-21

The turn out of that funeral was Blown way out of proportion.
Posted Jul-21

This one needs a repeat button.
Posted Jul-21

Even the dead blow shit up
This is a really tough religion

Posted Jul-21

Iraq…come for the funeral, stay for the funerals.
Posted Jul-21

That was really funny lol.
Posted Jul-21

Then there’s my favorite….

LMMAO !!!!
Good ,,,,,,,,,, Allah loves you and you and you and you !!!!

Posted Jul-21

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