Iraqi Christian Refusing to Convert to Islam KILLED by ISIS

Iraqi Christian Refusing to Convert to Islam KILLED by ISIS

In a non-shocking story about the ISIS group’s latest murder, they have slaughtered a Christian man refusing to convert to Islam:

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The news reported from Bartalah, the Syriac Christian town occupied by the Islamic terrorist State, said that the terrorists tortured and killed today one of the Christians remaining in the town. The sources added, the martyr Salem Matty Georgis, of 43 years of age, has died as a result of beatings and physical torture by the militants of ISIS for refusing to convert to Islamic religion.

One of his relatives said, the martyr was suffering from heart disease and couldn’t leave Bartalah with his family when the town occupied by the terrorist Islamic State because of his illness. So, he stuck in the town and did not left his house more than 3 weeks, since the occupation by ISIS on the 7th of last August till today (Monday).

The martyr relative added, Salem was eating and drinking from what was present in the house until everything finished. He forced today, Monday the 1st of September, to leave the house to search for some food. On his way at the town centre he encountered a terrorist ISIS patrol in front of Virgin Mary church. The patrol arrests him and tried to force him to convert to Islam, but he completely refused. Thus, the militants beat him and tortured him until he died in their hands. The militants dumped his body in the same place and went away.

Something simply must be done to stop the ISIS reign of terror. Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, and now we have ISIS running things since the presence of American protection is gone. Share this story with your friends and family- everyone should have freedom of religion.

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