LIBERAL Activist Goes To REFUGEE Camp To Help- Quickly Learns It Was A VERY BAD Idea…VIDEO

LIBERAL Activist Goes To REFUGEE Camp To Help- Quickly Learns It Was A VERY BAD Idea…VIDEO

HAH! When this migrant campaigner volunteered at a Muslim refugee camp, he thought these poor, “kind”, defenseless sanctuary seekers would be appreciative. Little did he know what was coming….HINT: It wasn’t a thank you! As soon as he started the interview, a group of Muslims moved in, and what they were clutching was enough to completely change his mind!


A pro-migrant British activist, Simon Dunning, decided to volunteer in the “Jungle” migrant camp in Calais, hoping to capture heartbreaking footage that would propagate a doctored look at the refugee crisis. Heading into the heart of the camp, Dunning set up his camera and began rolling, immediately finding that these desperate refugees aren’t what they seem.

The Daily Mail reports that Dunning was making his video in an effort to convince Prime Minister David Cameron to “let in six and a half thousand people” who were being held in the camp. Only seconds into filming, Dunning realized that the migrants he loved so much did not reciprocate his feelings.

As he began urging viewers to support the migrant invasion, refugees began hurling rocks at him and the crew, nearly stoning the very leftists who were on their side. Reporter Mark Stone had to step in and tell Dunning to leave the area, putting an end to the propaganda.

“We’ll move farther down the bank because they’re throwing rocks at us,” Stone said before ducking to avoid the stones.
Dozens of police officers scrambled to push back the aggressive refugees, which was the only way Dunning and Stone made it out of the camp alive. Of course, these useful leftist idiots haven’t abandoned their campaign. In fact, many liberals are willing to ignore the sinister statistics just to further their own political agenda.

The Muslim refugees hurled stones at police and the very reporters who were on their side.

Refugees set fire to their own camp, forcing police to fire tear gas and water cannons.

The left has evoked sympathy from many by claiming that those who oppose the Islamic invasion are afraid of “widows and orphans,” but official reports state otherwise. Last year, the UNHCR announced that over 70 percent of refugees into Europe were men. Only 15 percent were children and 13 percent were women. This statistic ignored by the mainstream media proved that most of the refugees were not fleeing any crisis, but were invading.

An updated version for 2016 shows a terrifying result!! Since most men have migrated, they sent for their women and children. The same report proves that while the majority are still men, the abandoned families are infiltrating. The horrid truth… this was the plan all along.

These pigs we call “Muslim men” have invaded, they’re raping and assaulting, paving a path through Europe and instilling fear on the way. According to their plan, it is now time for the Muslim families to join in and replace the native population!


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