Man Impregnated His 17-Year-Old Stepdaughter, Who Delivered the Baby Alone As She Cared For Her Little Sister, Who Died

Man Impregnated His 17-Year-Old Stepdaughter, Who Delivered the Baby Alone As She Cared For Her Little Sister, Who Died

This story is as unfortunate as it gets. Jondrew Lachaux sexually assaults his teenage stepdaughter, who ends up pregnant as a result. Her mom and step-monster when on a months-long road trip, leaving the teen to care for her 3-year-old little sister. The young girl gave birth on her mother’s bed, alone, and her little sister later died. But it gets even more sordid as the tale goes on.


From The Daily Mail:

A 39-year-old man allegedly impregnated his 17-year-old stepdaughter who gave birth alone at home while looking after her three-year-old sister, who then died in her care.

Jondrew Lachaux, from Las Vegas, is married to the teenager’s mother 38-year-old Kellie Phillips – they have six children together while the teen is from another relationship.

Lachaux allegedly sexually assaulted the teenager and she had become pregnant, but she did not know, reports the Review Journal. 

In August, Lachaux and Phillips decided to go on a road trip in California for over six months.

They rented a vehicle which did not have enough space for all the family, so they left the teen and her three-year-old sister behind.

Police said the pair left the teen, who can not be named, with food and medication for the three-year-old who had breathing problems.

But while they were away, the teen gave birth in her mom’s bed – she did not have any medical help and did not take the newborn to the hospital.

The arrest report states she told police her mother was not aware that she was raped or pregnant.

The teen ran out of food and began to suffer from malnutrition along with her baby and her three-year-old sister.

She stopped breastfeeding after two months because she was so undernourished and switched to baby formula.

It was during this period that the three-year-old died – the cause of the death is under investigation.

The teen girl said she tried to text Lachaux and her mother, but they did not respond for two weeks, reports 8NewsNow. 

Police said they asked her why she did not call police and she said Lachaux told her not to call 911.

She told them that when she told her stepfather that the body smelt, he allegedly told her to put her little sister in a box.

She wrapped the toddler in a pink blanket and put her inside a cardboard box designed to hold a stroller.

When he returned on March 28, they moved the box inside a broken car in the garage and then piled pizza boxes on top.

Lachaux was allegedly desperate to hide the baby’s birth from his wife before she returned and gave the teen some baby formula before kicking her and the baby out from the home

She went to a supermarket and wandered around for a few hours before walking four miles to McCarran International Airport.

She spent the night there with the infant and the next day Lachaux used a fake name to book his stepdaughter a room at a motel near there – she was now only feeding the baby water because the formula had run out.

Lachaux arranged to meet her at McCarran on April 1, but airport staff called 911 when the baby began having problems, the report said.

The baby was taken to Sunrise Hospital Medical Center in a critical condition and staff alerted police.

The baby is now doing well in the hospital.

Lachaux faces three counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death, and one count of destroying or concealing evidence – bail is set at $1 million.

Phillips who turned herself in after a police search, faces two counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death.

Her five children, aged between one and nine, are now in Child Protective Services.

The 17-year-old faces one count of child abuse with substantial bodily harm or death and one count of destroying or concealing evidence.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said: ‘She’s a juvenile, she’s 17 years old. Does she need services? Does she need treatment by the juvenile system? Or should she be punished for her actions?’

There’s something more than what is being told in this story. The teenager sounds like she might have a learning disability or some similar problem. If not that, then she has been seriously sheltered her whole life to the point of abuse. In any case, I hope that the kids are going to go to good families who will actually love them and take care of them.

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