Man Receives Wrong Package in the Mail – Horrified to Find THIS Inside

Man Receives Wrong Package in the Mail – Horrified to Find THIS Inside

This man received a package in the mail that wasn’t for him…but more importantly, it’s a package that had a VERY important purpose, however didn’t get sent to it’s rightful destination…so he had to think FAST!


Most people have ordered something online at some point. However, one man may never order online again after he unknowingly received the wrong package in the mail and made a horrifying discovery inside.

James Potten, a man from England, had ordered a Kindle on the Internet from a company in California and excitedly waited for his new device to arrive in the mail. Unfortunately, his excitement quickly turned to disgust when he began to unwrap his package and noticed it wasn’t his Kindle, but was something far more gruesome — a human tumor sample.


The box inside. The package had been sent from California, but it was destined to go to the Royal Free Hospital in London. Instead, it ended up at his doorstep.

“Presumably this is a very important package, that needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible,” explained James, according to Daily Mail. “It is really bad that this has happened. This really should be with the hospital, not with me.”


Thinking logically, James said, “There is a reason it has been sent from America to London, and it could be wasting valuable time while it just stays here.”

Knowing how important the package was, James immediately contacted FedEx to report the mix-up, but customer service advisers insisted that the package he received actually was a Kindle. “I have told them about the mistake, but I am still waiting for FedEx to come and pick it up,” James explained. “I am surprised that they haven’t been more concerned about it. They keep telling me I’ve got my Kindle, but I obviously haven’t.”

After doing a little bit of research of his own, James discovered that after he ordered the Kindle from the American company Waterfi, his package had been given a tracking number that was similar to that of the tumor package. “The tracking numbers are similar so presumably that is what has happened. It’s a mistake on FedEx’s part, rather than the people who posted the items,” James said. “I haven’t opened the box but the labels clearly state that human tumour (sic) tissue is inside. There is personal paperwork to go with it as well. I just want to get it to the hospital now.”

Eventually, James did get his Kindle.

How bizarre…

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