MEGA Rap Star Confronts Military Men At The Airport- What He Did Left Airport Employees In SHOCK!

MEGA Rap Star Confronts Military Men At The Airport- What He Did Left Airport Employees In SHOCK!

This rapper is more than controversial, in fact he just about has a scandal for every year old he is…but he’s done well for himself in the industry, and has grown in popularity to enormous extremes. What’s making newsstands now is much different from what’s he’s been known for in the past….and it’s leaving many people in shock! See for yourself…


Controversial rapper Lil Wayne was sitting in his private jet and waiting to take off, when he saw a group of military personnel making their way into the airport lobby. He took their passing by as an opportunity to depart from his perch and give them a little message he felt that he needed to share, leaving one airport employee particularly stunned.

It was just another day on the job for Amanda Cooper Lickliter, who works at the airport in Indiana, until a rapper crossed paths with a group of servicemen. The entourage that followed Lil Wayne into the lobby to talk to these men wasn’t typical for the flashy music star, who is usually surrounded by paparazzi taking photos. Instead, just a couple of friends had his back, and Lickliter was the only one who snapped a single photo of what she witnessed.

According to the employee’s Facebook post, moments before the rapper was set to depart on his Gulfstream, a military C130 arrived, pulling up right next to the rapper’s swanky ride. Approximately 30 men in uniform deplaned as Lil Wayne watched, then demanded that his jet be shut down so he could be let off. His staff followed the rappers orders, and soon this “Lil” star was heading straight for these military men in the lobby.

He walked right up to each hero in uniform and shook each one of their hands, thanking them for their service to our country. Lickliter couldn’t believe what she was seeing from this typically brash rapper, who she had every reason to assume would be too arrogant to make the effort to show gratitude for these guys. “There was no press and no one to show off for…just a seemingly genuine act of respect,” she wrote.

What makes this interaction even more refreshing is that he didn’t use it as a publicity stunt to bolster his reputation and record sales, despite the fact that he has an album set to be released soon. Not a single photo or mention of his greeting them has been posted by himself or his publicist on his social media profiles. He sincerely wanted to thank these men for their sacrifice and show how much he respects them for what they do.


There are so many entitled entertainers that take the anti-war stance and disrespect our freedom fighters. This is quite a refreshing change to see one go out of his way to do just the opposite. Placing his own status aside to show respect for another’s.

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