Michael Brown got too much love while Cardell Williamson didn’t get any

You’re probably asking, Who is Cardell Williamson?  It isn’t a surprise to me because Al Sharpton wasn’t involved in telling the world about an injustice that occurred in the Bronx a cardell williamsoncouple of weeks ago,


Little Cordell Williamson was a 20 month old boy that got stomped to death by a daycare worker. He was African American and so was his killer. This explains why Al Sharpton didn’t call for a march of outrage over Cardell’s death. In fact I would wager Sharpton never even head of Cardell Williamson like the rest of America.


But, I think there’s a lot wrong with that because Cardell was a true innocent. Hardly anyone attended his funeral. P. Dddy, Spike Lee, and Snoop Lion were all no shows. Yet, they attended a thief’s funeral that got shot the day he stole a box of cigars. He gets to have over 2,500 people attend his funeral and for what?


What about Cardell?


What about Cardell?


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