Michael Brown got too much love while Cardell Williamson didn’t get any

Michael Brown got too much love while Cardell Williamson didn’t get any

You’re probably asking, Who is Cardell Williamson?  It isn’t a surprise to me because Al Sharpton wasn’t involved in telling the world about an injustice that occurred in the Bronx a cardell williamsoncouple of weeks ago,


Little Cordell Williamson was a 20 month old boy that got stomped to death by a daycare worker. He was African American and so was his killer. This explains why Al Sharpton didn’t call for a march of outrage over Cardell’s death. In fact I would wager Sharpton never even head of Cardell Williamson like the rest of America.


But, I think there’s a lot wrong with that because Cardell was a true innocent. Hardly anyone attended his funeral. P. Dddy, Spike Lee, and Snoop Lion were all no shows. Yet, they attended a thief’s funeral that got shot the day he stole a box of cigars. He gets to have over 2,500 people attend his funeral and for what?


What about Cardell?


What about Cardell?


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