Militant Atheist Group Threatening To Sue School After Players Pray For Injured Teammate

Militant Atheist Group Threatening To Sue School After Players Pray For Injured Teammate

The whiny atheists are at it again. The anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation is pretending to be offended by a one-time occurrence of some teenage football players praying for their injured teammate. 


According to Fox News,

The FFRF told the school district to “refrain from having a ‘volunteer team chaplain’ at Seminole High School.

The school district said the prayer was instigated by students and denied that a chaplain prayed with the team. School spokesman Mike Blasewitz told that the school doesn’t even have a team chaplain, contrary to the FFRF’s allegations.

If the FFRF goes ahead with a lawsuit against the school, they need to be called out as bullies. If they’re allowed to get away with it, they’ll succeed in attaching a stigma to Christianity as a bad thing, and eventually even things like mentioning a Bible verse or the name of God will be prohibited – with the exception of swearing, of course.


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