Muslim family barred from trip to Disney said it was discrimination, but actually…

Muslim family barred from trip to Disney said it was discrimination, but actually…

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood just wanted to vacation at Disney with his Muslim family, but was unable to board the plane because his teenage son, Hamza Hussain, has links to terrorist websites on his Facebook page.


A Department of Homeland Security source told CBS News that Mahmood’s teenage son, Hamza Hussain, has a Facebook account that contains links to terrorist websites.

That’s a good enough reason for me. But we must ask – is it OK to ban people from travel because they post something questionable on their social media? I’ve seen people post things like “I’m going to murder my neighbor if they mow the lawn before noon” but they meant it hypothetically and had drinks the following night. The neighbors have been alive for years. No harm done. What’s the difference, right?

My Facebook page contains links to this site, therefore I must be a Right Winger – just how far right, I don’t know. Thankfully I’m on the side that doesn’t have me prancing into a hospital for a Caitlyn Jenner makeover, even if I would win a woman of the year. My parts are still attached and I don’t require a bra (yet). I would like an award though, maybe “guy who doesn’t care of the year” or something? Can anyone get that on a shirt for me?

Is it OK to kick the entire family off the plane because their misguided teenage dirt bag hotlinks some trifling beheading parties? Yes, because safety comes first and any sign of nonsense involving a plane should result in a swift kick to the rear. No one wants the Disney castle blown to smithereens. I don’t even really like Disneyland, but I know kids do, and like pathetic low paying teacher jobs – we do this for the kids, right?

In that logic, a kid was kicked off a plane to save other kids. Now this opens the “what makes those Disney loving dork kids more important than a potential beheader and child rapist who lusts goats? I’ll tell ya. No goats are harmed at Disneyland. We do it for the kids and we save the goats. Easy choice.

Maybe Mohammad should pay more attention to his kids. How did he not know his own teen son is converting to a terrorist? Put the sex slaves and goats down and pay more attention to your son so you can steer him in the right direction, instead of pointing yourself towards the back-end of a steer.

Open letter to teenage Hamza.

Hey Hamza,

Stop posting links to dumb things on Facebook and here’s a fun song for you. It’s really catchy and a one hit wonder. Lighten up, bro. Life is better when you’re not strapped to a clock bomb and women are more attractive to goats. Well, not women in burkas or niqabs. Don’t trust or lust a woman unless you can see how pretty her face is. You don’t want to hook up with a piggy.

No goats were harmed in this article. If your feelings were hurt, then crawl into a safe space with the Mizzousers (Mizzou + losers = Mizzousers).

Frank Lea

Frank Lea

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