Muslim ‘Refugees’ Approach Teen Sisters at Pool, Then THIS Happens.

Muslim ‘Refugees’ Approach Teen Sisters at Pool, Then THIS Happens.

This is awful, and really points out a truth that Obama and the likes of him are working so hard to blanket with their lies and deception…when you read this, you will understand what I am talking about…


A pair of teen sisters were enjoying the weather at a public pool when suddenly things got out of hand. They were approached by three Syrian migrants, then given an age-old Islamic “greeting” for women, brutally introducing them to “the religion of peace.”

The incident highlights the growing problem Germany has on its hands with Muslim migrants refusing to assimilate into their culture, and there’s no doubt it left the helpless girls completely terrified. According to MailOnline, the older sister, who’s 17, was swimming in a local pool when three Syrian migrants, all under the age of 15, surrounded her and wouldn’t let her leave before things took a turn for the worse.

In Germany, forcibly touching a woman in her genitals is considered rape, and all three boys did exactly that numerous times before the girl’s 14-year-old sister tried to intervene. However, her efforts proved to be futile as the young mob of Muslims then turned their attention to her and proceeded to sexually assault the younger girl.

Fortunately, the girls were able to escape the clutches of the Syrian boys. They promptly alerted the lifeguard, who either wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t doing their job, and police arrived at the scene to arrest the three boys.

Although, since their all under the age of 15, the Muslim boys weren’t detained in jail and were instead released to their parents. Despite the utterly disturbing nature of the incident, none of them will be tried as adults either.

The latest assault comes on the heels of a nearly fatal Christmas Eve rape and assault, where a Muslim refugee clubbed a 24-year-old woman over the head, then dragged her to a nearby cemetery where he proceeded to viciously rape her. Thanks to DNA evidence, police were able to link the crime to a 20-year-old refugee living in a nearby asylum center, and they quickly arrested him for rape and attempted murder.

I wonder how German Chancellor Angela Merkel sleeps at night knowing that she imported this savagery into her country against the will of the people, which has resulted in hundreds of sexual assaults just since Christmas. Do you think she has the courage to face these victims and explain that her political aspirations were more important than keeping the German people – specifically women – safe?

It is not a religion of peace, it is, in fact, the very opposite..yet it is created in such a way that not even some of the members of this religion can see the truth of it…and others, bask in it.

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