Muslims Are Calling for Andrea Tantaros to Get Fired from Fox For Ripping Isis

Could FOX commentator, Andrea Tantaros’ entire career be in jeopardy after she spoke out against ISIS beheading Americans and Christians? Muslims are targeting her and demanding she be fired.

Women in the conservative movement often get called a slew of nasty names, which is ironic considering that most of the name-calling is from liberals who call themselves “feminists” and would consider this type of behavior atrocious if it were aimed at a different target.

Given this mentality, it should be no surprise to see that Fox News host and conservative firecracker Andrea Tantaros has come under attack. Tantaros has been a very vocal proponent of sending the military into Iraq to obliterate ISIS terrorists, especially in response to the recent beheading of an American journalist. It seems her controversial comments on the situation and on radical Islam have earned her some hate from the Muslim community as Omar Baddar, an analyst for the Huffington Post recently took to Twitter in an attempt to start a movement calling for Tantaros to be fired.

This, of course, is nothing more than the PC Police once again rearing their ugly heads in an attempt to silence someone’s freedom of speech. Tantaros has done nothing but speak the truth, and much of the American public agree with her. Terrorists and radical Islam pose a direct threat to the peace and liberty of the United States, and many other countries around the world.

[WATCH VIDEO of Andrea Tantaros telling America that “We should have killed at least 10,000 ISIS fighters by now for beheading Foley. That’s disgraceful that we have not lit up that region. It’s really, really disgusting.”]

If Tantaros get’s fired for telling the truth and sticking up for America… people should be very very concerned.

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