Naked Obama On A Unicorn Vs. Naked Palin On A Moose (Bonus: Nude Michelle Obama)

It’s the gift that keeps on giving: paintings of a naked Barack Obama on a unicorn. And the paintings keep getting increasingly disturbing. Last time around, there was a painting of a unicorn looking at Barack’s back side the same way Keith Olbermann probably looks at a mirror.

While I was writing about that atrocity, I noted a fab idea Kathy Shaidle came up with: Naked Obama on a unicorn jousting with naked Sarah Palin on a moose!

Well, believe it or not, such a painting now actually exists — although I do have to warn you, it’s obscene. Still, there was no way I could let this pass, so, after the jump, you can see the painting with some strategic blurring included.

Naked Obama on a unicorn fights naked Palin on a moose

Bonus painting from Dan Lacey: Nude Michelle Obama Pink Dolphin La Baker Pancake Art:

Nude Michelle Obama

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