Obama is Personally Responsible for the Rise of the “Islamic State” says Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is throwing rocks at the White House again – this time saying that Obama is responsible for the rise of the “Islamic State”.


From the article:

As more and more Americans realize what a colossal failure President Barack Obama is, they are regretting not voting for Mitt Romney in 2012.  In fact, if a rematch were held today, Romney would win handily.

Romney was right about what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq too soon, as we can clearly see today with the rise of the Islamic State

He hasn’t been shy about reminding people of this either, calling Obama’s foreign policy “embarrassing“, and saying that Obama is the perfect example of “failed leadership“.

Mitt Romney recently took part in a political roundtable discussion for a New York radio station, where the topics of the Islamic State and immigration were covered, according to Newsmax.

“Mistakes were made and now we have ISIS,” Romney said.

Iraq was a huge disaster. the liberal media demonized the American presence in Iraq so much that there was no hope for even a reasonable democrat to concede the necessity of our presence there. And we had Obama, so there you go. Good Luck, right? lets make a change in 2016 for the better – we simply cant afford these kind of blunders any longer.


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