‘Offended’ Muslim Accuses Gun Range of Islamophobia- Gun Range Has LAST WORD!

One of the most-fundamental aspects of our society is the freedom to engage in commerce with whomever we choose. Sadly, this principle has been eroded as the Obama Administration now punishes those who refuse business with people who incompatible with their business and the owner’s world view and/or religious beliefs. When a Muslim man confronted gun store owners to demand they cave to his demands or face litigation, the store owners bravely stuck to their guns (yes, pun intended).


After a Muslim man entered a “Muslim-free” gun range in Oklahoma, he thought he could bully mid-Westerners into submission by demanding that he be allowed to use their shooting range or else he’d sue. However, the Constitutionalists working that day weren’t deterred by his demands, but instead, they had just 6 words for him.

U.S. Army reservist and Tulsa resident Raja’ee Fatihah posed as a non-Muslim in order to allegedly expose the Islamophobia surrounding a “Muslim-free” gun range in Oktaha, Oklahoma, KRMG reports. After strolling into the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range, Fatihah revealed that he is Muslim and demanded to use their firing range.

“At that point, they started treating me with suspicion,” Fatihah said.

Fatihah, a board member with designated terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), admits that he purposefully initiated the ordeal, only seeking out the range because of their “Muslim-free” sign. Things quickly turned ugly when he angrily accused the owners of breaking the law by simply declaring the business a Muslim-free zone.

However, instead of cowering to the 1 percent, owner Chad Neal stood by the decision and cited their constitutional rights, reminding him that Sharia law isn’t the law of the land and that Americans are protected by free speech.

Of course, this didn’t stop Fatihah from pitching a fit and threatening legal action against the range for “discrimination.”

“The only thing the law prohibits is if somebody denies services strictly on the basis of religion, and that didn’t happen here,” American Freedom Law Center representative Robert Muise said.

Although the plaintiff is whining about alleged bigotry and discrimination, Muise states that Neal didn’t refuse service to him based on religious beliefs, and he only denied Fatihah when he became belligerent.

Instead of choosing to shoot at another range, Fatihah evidently has enough time on his hands to go around picking fights with people who simply disagree with him and do not wish to do business with him.

By becoming belligerent, he offered the store owners a perfectly reasonable reason to deny him service.

Meanwhile, if I wish to exercise my Second Amendment rights while in a Target, a Starbuck or a Chipotle, I will be denied service and possibly escorted from the premises.


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