Sen. Harry Reid’s name gets yanked from center building at his alma mater Southern Utah University

Sen. Harry Reid who disgraced himself and his office by scandalously claiming Mitt Romneydidn’t pay income taxes, has suffered an embarrassing setback.

Fox News reports Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name had been removed from a Southern Utah University facility, following pressure from a harry riedconservative group to make the change.

The group received $40,000 over five days toward removing the Utah Democrat’s name from the school’s Outdoor Engagement Center.
University President Scott Wyatt acknowledged he was under pressure from a group of conservatives to remove Reid’s name but insisted that politics had nothing to do with his decision.

Reid’s name was removed last week from the front door of the facility, several months after two local elected officials and others met with Wyatt and told him about the campaign, Wyatt said.

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Reid may lose more than this after the mid tern elections.


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