Welfare Users LIVID When They See THIS Grocery Store’s Embarrassing Demand…

Welfare Users LIVID When They See THIS Grocery Store’s Embarrassing Demand…

Some signs have popped up on display at a grocery store that are causing a huge upset among…ebt card holders. Welfare recipients are fuming at the words on the sign, and claiming that the sign “shames poor people”…


Some signs have popped up at Wawa grocery stores around Philadelphia, addressed specifically to those showing up to shop with their food stamps. The message states a new rule for welfare users and ends with a blunt demand that has freeloaders extremely offended.

Jay McGuire posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, noting that he was getting quite a laugh sitting back and watching people’s responses outside the store when they noticed the sign. While shoppers didn’t seem to appreciate the sentiment, many of McGuire’s online followers couldn’t have loved it more. Then, liberal backlash ensued, claiming it “shames poor people.”

On a simple piece of printer paper in bold black letters, the signs at several Wawa’s read, “We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe it’s time to get a job.” Sure it’s blunt and goes against everything a bleeding-heart liberal believes, but someone had to say it, right? McGuire was just the guy to do it, because he’s the one who put these posters up for no other reason than to ruffle progressives’ feathers.

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The comedian, who operates on social media under the moniker “The Philly Offensive,” put the signs up on his own accord for his and everyone else’s entertainment. He’s in no way associated with Wawa, but he used their stores without their knowledge to see how welfare users and sympathizers would react to the truth.

As of this writing, over 4,000 people shared his photo post of the awesome sign, proving that those who work to pay the bills are fed up with freeloaders who don’t work.

People really just need to get over it…being told to get a job, is NOT that offensive, unless of course you truly are a freeloader….and in that case, GET A JOB!

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