This Week In Quotes: May 22 – May 28

We’re getting too much lip service and not enough action from the Obama administration on nuclear power, and the impression is being left that we can run this big, complex country on electricity from the wind, the sun and the earth. …Climate change may be the inconvenient problem, but nuclear power is the inconvenient answer. — Lamar Alexander

But all liberals only have empathy for the exact same victims — always the ones that are represented by powerful liberal interest groups. As Joe Sobran says, it takes a lot of clout to be a victim. — Ann Coulter

Thus, the media and Democrats seem to find successful Hispanic attorney Sotomayor much more “empathetic” than successful Hispanic attorney Miguel Estrada.

After aggressively blocking Estrada’s nomination to a federal appeals court during Bush’s first term solely on the grounds that he is Hispanic and was likely headed for the Supreme Court — according to Senate Democrat staff memos — now Democrats have the audacity to rave that Sotomayor will be the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice! — Ann Coulter

When is the change coming? I thought when Barack Obama was elected, he was going to get together with all the world leaders and bring world peace. Remember that? Because everybody loves Barack Obama. Everybody loves Barack Obama. Apparently, everybody doesn’t love Barack Obama, okay? Apparently, this guy is a paper President created by the media. — Drinking With Bob

After a life of being pro-choice, I began to seriously ponder the question. I oppose the death penalty because there is a slim chance that an innocent person might be executed and I don’t believe the state should have the authority to take a citizen’s life. So don’t I owe an nascent human life at least the same deference? Just in case? — David Harsanyi

To attack Sotomayor’s legal reasoning is to miss the point of why she was appointed; we need to question whether she is really Hispanic. — Frank J.

Oh my. How brutish of me.

You would have thought I had spent the last 25 years befriending the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, or had driven the car that ended Mary Jo Kopechne’s life. But no, those are the leaders of the Democratic Party. — Mark Levin

Up until now, most of the debate over the administration’s spending plans has focused on the political problem: will the American public accept higher spending? But the problem isn’t the spending; it’s how to pay for it. If the spending were attached to tax hikes, this would cut into its popularity (though I don’t know by how much). That’s one of the reasons that administrations like to fund their new spending with borrowing. But you can’t long do this on a scale that freaks out the bond markets–just ask Argentina. And these days, the bond markets are easily freaked. — Megan McArdle

In addition to having a face that could stop a clock, Olive Oyl was also constantly disrupting Popeye’s schedule by getting kidnapped and tied to railroad tracks. Just once we would have loved to have seen the crusty ‘ol sailor man leave her there and get on with his life. — Ryan Murphy

CHARLIE ROSE: How would you have lived your life differently based on what you know now?
ELIZABETH EDWARDS: Boy, I mean, there`s so many — I certainly would have gotten mammograms more often. That was an easy one.
CHARLIE ROSE: Yes, of course, right.
ELIZABETH EDWARDS: You know, I would not have voluntarily put myself in a position where I thought I would lose a child…
CHARLIE ROSE: Of course not.
ELIZABETH EDWARDS: … and that I would feel so betrayed. I wouldn`t have done that voluntarily. I would…
CHARLIE ROSE: What does that mean? I don`t know what that means.
ELIZABETH EDWARDS: That means I would have made different choices. You know, I might have married somebody else and done something else … [E.A.] — Slate

If increased government spending with borrowed or newly created money is a “stimulus,” then the Weimar Republic should have been stimulated to unprecedented prosperity, instead of runaway inflation and widespread economic desperation that ultimately brought Adolf Hitler to power. — Thomas Sowell

We seem to be moving steadily in the direction of a society where no one is responsible for what he himself did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did, either in the present or in the past. — Thomas Sowell

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