TRAGIC! Father DEFENDS Decision To Flee Leaving His Daughter Behind To Be Gang Raped By 5 Boys

TRAGIC! Father DEFENDS Decision To Flee Leaving His Daughter Behind To Be Gang Raped By 5 Boys

The internet is abuzz with a horrendous story about a gang rape and terrible choices. A “man” who was hanging-out and drinking with his daughter in a sketchy, dimly-lit park ran-away as his daughter was gang-raped. He tried to find help but was reportedly too drunk to do so. Four of the five monsters have been apprehended and people are wondering who is to blame. Most say that the boys are to blame, some say the father. Some, unbelievably, are trying to blame police (as is par for the course these days).


The father of an 18-year-old girl was gang raped at a Brooklyn playground was too drunk to report the attack on the teenager, witnesses have claimed.

Four minors, aged 14 to 17, have been taken into police custody in connection to the horrifying sexual assault on Thursday night inside Osborn Playground in Brownsville, New York. As of Monday afternoon, police said a fifth suspect was still at large.

Now it has been claimed that the teenager’s father was too drunk for anyone to understand him when he walked into two local delis in an attempt to get help.

A worker in one of the stores, Zaida Deli and Grocery, said the 39-year-old was ‘swaying from side to side’ as he asked to use a phone, according to the New York Post.

The shop worker said they refused because the man did not explain that it was an emergency.

It comes after the victim’s father spoke toEyewitness News, saying he was drinking beer with his daughter near the handball courts at around 9pm when they were accosted by five men.

When one of the assailants pulled out a gun and ordered him told to leave, the man said he felt that if he stayed behind and tried to defend his daughter, he would have been shot.

‘The one put a gun in my face telling me to run, and all of them had their way with her,’ he said.

The victim also offered her side of the story, saying she was scared when her father took off running, leaving the men to take turns raping her.

She screamed for help, but no one came to her aid. ‘I didn’t know what to do,’ she told the station. ‘I was in a panic mode.’

Her father ran to a nearby bodega but employees there reportedly refused to call police. By the time he returned to the playground with two officers in tow, nearly 20 minutes later, the attackers had fled.

After the rape, the victim was taken to Kings County Hospital, where she was treated and released.

Over the weekend, two of the suspects were turned in to police custody by their parents, while the other two were apprehended.

According to police sources, two of the teenagers have made statements to investigators claiming the sexual encounter with the 18-year-old girl was consensual, reported CBS News.

All four suspects – a 14-year-old, a 17-year-old and two 15-year-olds – are expected to be tried as adults on charges of rape by forceful compulsion.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Sunday that he was ‘disgusted and deeply saddened’ and that every possible step would be taken to find the suspect who is still on the loose.

Also on Sunday, Borough Eric Adams criticized police for waiting two days before releasing information about the rape to the public.

‘A rape takes place on the Upper East Side, it would not take two days for that information to come out, and the people to be protected, and the people to be aware,’ Adams said

He also reportedly said: ‘We need to listen to the 911 call. We need to find out…the response time from the time it was reported. This baffles all my police experience. Something is missing.’

The NYPD responded to Adams’ words of rebuke by stating that police responded to the rape scene without delay, interviewed the victim and released surveillance video connected to the attack immediately.

Adams and City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy are reportedly offering $2,000 ‘for any information leading to an arrest.’

Residents told the Daily News the playground’s lampposts do not function, and it is almost completely dark in the evening.

‘How can [police] wonder how stuff like this happens, and then when it gets dark they’re not here?’ a woman told the newspaper.

Police have released surveillance video that they say shows the suspected rapists in a bodega before the rape.

This is an awful story with enough blame to go around. I’m not sure what kind of father hangs out at night getting wasted with his daughter in a sketchy neighborhood park that is dimly lit, but it seems clear that it was not a smart choice.

It also seems clear that our society is becoming more savage. While one person committing a rape is awful, the fact that five teenagers could spontaneously commit to raping a girl in front of her father indicates a level of savageness that is simply become my comprehension.

The fact that the community is even trying to place any level of blame on the police is also appalling. Police are meant to deter crimes and solve crimes; they do not exist to provide a 100% guarantee of safety to all citizens at all times.

Maybe if the father hadn’t been drunk and lived in a city where the Second Amendment meant something, we would be talking about five dead would-be rapists and a hero, gun-toting father.

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