Watch This Baby’s Priceless Reaction After Hearing for the First Time

The ability to hear is something that most of us take for granted. But when one baby finally got to hear for the first time, his reaction was so priceless and adorable that the video is going viral.


“He’s smiling!”

Every parent delights in seeing their child smile, but for Michelle and Toby Lever, the moment was especially precious when their seven-week-old baby Lachlan heard their voices for the first time. Diagnosed with moderate-to-severe hearing loss at birth, Lachlan looks somewhat miserable as doctors put hearing aids in his ears. But upon hearing his mother say “Hi, darling,” a smile immediately comes across the baby’s face, bringing joy to all in the room (and on the web).

The video capturing the magic was filmed back in 2012. Lachlan’s father writes on YouTube that “Our beautiful little boy is now two years old and doing remarkably well.”

Seeing his reaction to hearing his mother’s voice would surely soften even the hardest heart. Accomplishments that normal parents take for granted mean so much more to parents whose children have a disability, which is what makes that smile all the more precious.

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