WATCH what happens as a woman tries to release a huge LIVE spider from her MOUTH

As horrible as it looks I could NOT tear my eyes away from this VIDEO! This shudder-inducing video shows the moment a woman holds a golden huntsman in her mouth – and lets it crawl on her face.


Katrina Dewees, from Arizona, US, uploaded the six-second footage on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 600,000 times. Wearing a cap, the blonde smiles innocently at the camera, before tipping her head back and opening her lips.

With her eyes wide, she releases the spider, which crawls out of her mouth – and on to the side of her face. Grinning, the woman – who posted the video with the caption ‘Anybody Afraid Of Spiders?’ – looks at ease with the eight-legged creepy crawly on her skin.

Dewees then sticks her tongue out of the side of her mouth and gives a cheeky look at the camera before the – disturbing – footage ends. Viewers will be pleased to know the golden huntsman is not considered dangerous – but is one of the largest spiders in Norther America, and can grow to a 12-inch leg span.

[WARNING: Graphic video of HUGE spider, shut off now if have a weak stomach]

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