You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Was Caught Doing in Cuba…

You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Was Caught Doing in Cuba…

It’s not like we’re in debt by trillions…or that Americans mind paying more taxes for these luxuries. By all means – SPEND SPEND AND SPEND! Check out what Michelle is doing to make sure YOUR tax dollars are well spent, to flaunt before those less fortunate.


From Young Conservatives:

From WJ:

Outfits Michelle Obama wore for only two small parts of President Obama’s visit to Cuba cost about 23 times the average annual salary of a Cuban worker.

Upon arrival, Michelle Obama wore a rose-print dress made by designerCarolina Herrera that sells for $2,190 at Bergdorf Goodman, an expensive department store.

At Monday night’s state dinner, she wore a floral, knee-length dress from designer Naeem Khan. Khan’s 2016 catalog shows that a very similar dress costs $4,490.

By contrast, the average Cuban made about $24 a month in 2014, according to Trading Economics, meaning the average Cuban worker has an annual salary of $288.

The dress Michelle Obama wore Sunday cost nearly eight times this amount. Her state dinner dress cost almost 16 times the average worker’s salary. Combined, the cost of those two outfits alone was more than 23 times the average Cuban’s annual pay.

Do the dresses come equipped with bullet proof fabric? Maybe a language translating lining…or possibly a GPS to help her around the island? Nope…

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