WOW…Reporter Asked Him Why He’s Homeless — She Had No Idea the Kind of Man She Was Talking To

WOW…Reporter Asked Him Why He’s Homeless — She Had No Idea the Kind of Man She Was Talking To

There are a million reasons why someone becomes homeless. Much of the time, it is a combination of mental illness, drugs and bad decisions which renders someone homeless. When a news reporter asks one homeless man what happened, he has a touching tale:


As the rains from El Niño continue to pummel Los Angeles and surrounding areas, a man takes cover at a local strip mall.

That man’s name is Freddie Aguilar. Watching as he escapes the rain, Fox 11 reporter Gina Silva asks him why he is homeless.

His answer is probably far from what she expected.

Freddie explains that in 2012, his significant other died of uterine cancer.

“When she was sick, I wasn’t going to leave her in the hospital for two months battling the disease that she had,” he tells Silva. “I lost everything because of her and I didn’t care.”

Though he lost everything, he does not miss any of it. Except for her, that is.

“I would have sold my soul to the devil for her, that’s how much I loved her. Her name was Flor Marlene Bryant. When you lose material things, it’s just material things but when you lose somebody you love, it hurts more than anything.”

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This poor man lost the only thing that mattered to him and, seemingly, everything else just seemed less important.

Those who have found their true loves can understand this sentiment. God bless him and hopefully, this man gets back on his feet and finds happiness again.


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