76 Year Old Asks Town Hall Board Members to Speak Up, Gets Arrested

Seems legit:


Dozens of people attended the meeting, and Overholt claims regular citizens were set too far away from the moderation table to hear what was being said.

‘The board met up at the front of the room at a big table, had us roped off, and they were talking so low nobody could hear,’ Overholt told the station a few days after the arrest.

Overholt insists he only asked the board to speak louder and was accused of disrupting the meeting before being cuffed and walked out.

The septuagenarian was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, he said he plans to fight the charges.

He attended the meeting because he is afraid the pipeline will dump toxins into the water supply.

‘Eventually whatever they put in the river, we’re going to get in our wells. Knowing it’s a chemical company and a fertilizer company, we know what they put in the river,’ he told the station.

Totally possible, especially considering how this was handled.

Seems really shady. Like something out of “Justified,” or something.

Here’s video of the arrest.

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