Progressives Don’t Mind: Thousands of aborted, miscarried babies used as heating fuel to heat UK hospitals

This is what government socialized healthcare brings,: :  and its eerily similar to the atrocities committed Nazi Germany.But, here’s an even sadder fact.You won’t hear a peep about this from progressives around the world, including President Obama.


babyAbortion is the holy sacrament of Liberalism.Nothing associated with abortion can ever be wrong.Had they used thousands of rat fetuses to heat a hospital, progressives around the world would scream in protest nonstop.

But humans?

It’s no big deal and President Obama won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

NY Daily News reports more than 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies in the U.K. were incinerated as “clinical waste” a shocking new report has uncovered with some fetal remains even used to heat hospitals.
Ten of Britain’s National Health Service trusts have admitted to lumping together the remains with other hospital waste in incinerators over the last two years, the Telegraph reported.

Two other NHS trusts have admitted to using the human remains to generate power for heat at “waste-to-energy” plants.

One of those plants at Ipswich Hospital – said to be responsible for burning 1,101 remains between 2011 and 2013 – was allegedly operating privately using another hospital’s remains and without Ipswich’s knowledge.

“The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust does not incinerate foetal remains,” a spokeswoman for the hospital defended to the Telegraph.

At Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge, the remains of 797 babies that were below 13 weeks gestation were reportedly incinerated for power at their own “waste to energy” plant on their grounds.

Mothers of those babies were allegedly told their remains were cremated.
But according to the report, many other mothers who lost children in early pregnancy said they were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains at all.
Some also claimed to have been treated without compassion.

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Liberalism is not compassionate!Abortion has killed 50 million babies since 1973.It’s the unspoken American holocaust!

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