A 7 Year Old Boy Now Faces TWO FELONY CHARGES For A BB Gun Accident

A 7 Year Old Boy Now Faces TWO FELONY CHARGES For A BB Gun Accident

Kids do dumb things. It’s part of being a kid. Little Sam Grant could tell you all about that. The seven year old was firing his BB gun at an abandoned house across the street. Unfortunately, Grant hit two cars that were driving between him and the house.


After finding out that her son had hit a car, his mother talked to the driver and called the police, “The officer told me he didn’t want to charge my son. The lady told me she didn’t want him charged and the next thing I know, I’m getting a letter from DPS saying he’s being charged with two felonies.”

Now, the seven year old may face probation, hundreds of hours of community service and the felonies could remain on his record until he’s 16.

Whatever happened to making the kid apologize, paying for any damages and telling him he’ll get a spanking if he does that again? Is that too common sense for America today? Have we turned into such a legalistic society that we suspend kids from school for making guns out of pastry and charge 7 years olds with felonies for accidentally hitting cars with BB guns? Apparently we have, God help us all.

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