Ads for child pornography found in Spain

Ads for child pornography found in Spain

There’s no such thing as “abuse free” child pornography–on that, reasonable people agree. Still, a Spanish ad company was stupid enough to put up billboards for child porn at bus stops.


The pervs in this case found a creative way to skirt child pornography laws:

JCDecaux, the advertising firm that maintains billboards at the bus stops, said the poster called for “abuse-free child pornography,” ThinkSpain reported Thursday.

The poster bore the word “Freedom” in large letters over the image of a semi-naked little girl. The text of the ad said, “Send us naked photos of when you were a child. For child pornography without abuse. +18 Yes to Pedophilia “No to Abuse.”

Luckily, the city council is working on removing the ad from all bus stops in the area.

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