After Weeks of Harassment from Far Left Groups, Gay Republican’s Office Vandalized, Computers Destroyed

It’s not easy being Carl DeMaio. This openly gay man is running for Congress in California, and he’s been the target of some of the most irrational hatred I’ve ever seen thrown at a political candidate. One group created an ad with DeMaio’s face on the body of a drag queen. Then on Wednesday, DeMaio’s San Diego office was vandalized by intruders who cut the phone lines, smashed computer screens, and flooded the place with water. So why aren’t gay rights activists marching in the streets, demanding a stop to the harassment of DeMaio, which has overwhelmingly focused on his being gay?


Because DeMaio is a Republican, that’s why.

A break-in at the campaign headquarters of a California Republican congressional candidate on Wednesday has left behind a wreckage of smashed computers and cut cords only six days before the primary.

Police responded to a reports of trespassing at 9:30 a.m. to discover that Carl DeMaio’s San Diego office had been vandalized…“Almost every cord inside the entire office — phone cords, communications, network cords, power cords — appears to have been cut,” Dave McCulloch, DeMaio’s campaign communications director, said to NBC San Diego.

We don’t know yet who was behind it, but there’s no doubt it was politically motivated. In any event, liberals and gay activists reserve special hate in their hearts for gay Republicans and conservatives–right up to abusing them over their sexual orientation. (Liberals are: obsessed: with the fact that DeMaio is gay. In the meantime, I haven’t met a single Republican who cares.) It makes me wonder if these people really aren’t as cool with gay people as they pretend, and do things like change their Facebook picture to the “Marriage Equality” symbol just to feel better and look good to others. Scratch a liberal gay-rights supporter, find a seething homophobe.

I’ve always been inclined to support gay rights from a libertarian perspective. But incidents like this make me steer clear of aligning with gay rights groups, since gay rights activists have proven themselves to be a hateful bunch who are willing to attack their own if they don’t tow the line. Screw them.

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