Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself

In my first post here on Right Wing News, I want to thank John for affording me this opportunity.:  I’ve been a long time reader and admirer of his work, and when I saw him at CPAC I couldn’t pass up the opportunity ask about contributing.

A little about myself: I am 26 years old and living in the greater DC area (boo, hiss).:  I have a graduate degree in Political Science (boo, hiss), and have recently interned at a couple policy organizations here in DC (boo, hiss).:  I hope you will hold none of these things against me.

I blog regularly at my own site called Conservative Compendium.:  I also contribute at Big Government (I never imagined years ago that I’d be proud to contribute to the growth of Big Government).:  In terms of what to expect from my posts, I tend to be more interested in issues than politicians (who usually just end up disappointing) and campaigns.:  But rules are made to be broken, so don’t hold me to that.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being a weekend contributor here at RWN.:  I hope you find my posts enlightening and/or entertaining; or, if you’re a lefty, infuriating and racist/sexist/homophobic.:  Because if I’m not called one of those, I’m probably not doing it right.

Brian Garst

Brian Garst is the Director of Government Affairs for the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, a non-profit think tank dedicated to preserving tax competition and free markets. He also blogs at

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